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Modernize your training methods by making it fun and interactive with Hello Escape training games

The escape game is an innovative and fun training method that allows your employees to learn while having fun. Less didactic than a power point, this training method reduces the passivity of your participants while improving the assimilation of knowledge. With Hello Escape, mix business with pleasure and ensure that your employees are more productive.

To succeed, your employees will have to prove that they have mastered a skill by solving custom-made puzzles

They are immersed in a personalized universe: the scenario is adapted to the purpose of the training and the puzzles include the use of key data essential to your profession.

Numerous studies have shown that immersive learning offers excellent results, allowing you to increase your employees’ performance while decreasing their absenteeism rate at work.

Our games can be integrated into different phases of the training: at the beginning to highlight the most receptive employees, throughout the training to energize it, or at the end to reinforce the impact of the messages conveyed to your employees.

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The benefits
of the escape game training

  • icone Better assimilation of knowledge

    Better assimilation of knowledge

    The practical application of theoretical knowledge improves the assimilation of the messages you transmit to your employees. Indeed, by performing the right gestures directly, your employees are more receptive and therefore retain better.

  • icone Strengthening commitment

    Strengthening commitment

    Your employees actively participate in their integration and develop their commitment to your company. The feedbacks at the end of the game also allow to increase the employee’s commitment.

  • icone Improvement of team spirit

    Improvement of team spirit

    Although it is a secondary objective to your training, this multiplayer game improves the team spirit and cohesion of your members, which is a significant advantage for your future projects.

  • icone Behavioral indicator

    Behavioral indicator

    The game reveals many soft skills of the employee: know-how, stress management, team spirit, adaptability, etc.

Hello Escape

  • All our escape games are tailor-made
  • We offer physical and online escape games
  • Our games can be made in several languages (French, English, Spanish, German, Italian…)
  • One or more especially trained game masters come to animate your events
  • For each Hello Escape game, we can create a personalised teaser for your company

The stages of design


Definition of objectives

We define with your company its educational and multidisciplinary objectives. We accompany you in the construction of specifications to develop a relevant and effective game.



We create a scenario tailored to the values of your company and the repository of skills to be observed, jointly set up. A first draft is then submitted to your appreciation.



Once the project is validated, we develop custom-made puzzles, from the introduction to the final. In our Parisian workshops, we design all the necessary elements for the creation of the game, without any subcontracting.


Beta test

A battery of tests is organized to ensure a smooth game (validate the ergonomics, the scenario, the puzzles, and correct the bugs).



Your tailor-made or turnkey escape game is delivered to you. All you have to do is play!

Want to test it? Request a free demo!

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