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Digital seminar

We gamify your seminars on a fully tailor-made interactive medium. This innovative digital platform will encourage your employees to be core in the progression and development of your company.

Pourquoi digitaliser un séminaire ?

Why digitalize a seminar?

Following the digital transformation initiated by the covid crisis, the digitalisation of seminars
has unveiled many benefits for companies.

Keeping the link : You allow your teams to keep a link by working from
several sites or from home, thanks to exchange formats that you choose
(webcam speaking, digital game workshops, screen sharing etc.)

Diverse content : Freed from a time constraint you can offer, thanks to the internet,
more information in a shorter time.

Better sustainability of information : dematerialisation makes sharing information to
your employees more accessible and long-lasting on their computers.

Increase in audience : Many companies have seen a significant
increase in employee participation with digitalized seminars. The format
does indeed allow to overcome many geographical, temporal and
imperative constraints (events, family constraints, strikes etc.).

Hello Escape

  • All our escape games are tailor-made
  • We offer physical and online escape games
  • Our games can be made in several languages (French, English, Spanish, German, Italian…)
  • One or more especially trained game masters come to animate your events
  • For each Hello Escape game, we can create a personalised teaser for your company

The stages of design


Definition of objectives

We define with your company its educational and multidisciplinary objectives. We accompany you in the construction of specifications to develop a relevant and effective game.



We create a scenario tailored to the values of your company and the repository of skills to be observed, jointly set up. A first draft is then submitted to your appreciation.



Once the project is validated, we develop custom-made puzzles, from the introduction to the final. In our Parisian workshops, we design all the necessary elements for the creation of the game, without any subcontracting.


Beta test

A battery of tests is organized to ensure a smooth game (validate the ergonomics, the scenario, the puzzles, and correct the bugs).



Your tailor-made or turnkey escape game is delivered to you. All you have to do is play!