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Awareness and prevention

Develop a perception of risk shared by all the members of your company thanks to a tailor-made awareness escape game designed with Hello Escape

We analyze together the information and the treatment of the causes of accidents specific to your sector of activity in order to set up a playful game capable of reinforcing effective behaviors in terms of work safety and prevention of professional risks.

Immersive QHSE* training courses stimulate memory and raise awareness among your participants.

Your employees learn about safety, hygiene or environmental issues by solving puzzles related to specific behavioral points. By being confronted with work-related accidents through simulation, your employees learn more easily how to overcome and anticipate them.

Numerous studies have shown that immersive learning offers excellent results, significantly reducing the frequency and severity of accidents at work. Employees are empowered and become aware that their actions, individually studied, can lead to the improvement of risky situations.

(* : Quality, Hygiene, Security, Environment)

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Since our games are customizable, you can take into account the changing circumstances within your company on a daily basis in order to constantly strive to improve existing situations.

We can conceptualize escape games on quite different themes, such as :

  • health and safety at work,
  • social and salary inequalities (gender, discrimination, racism),
  • first aid training,
  • fire risks,
  • workplace hardship and disability,

The benefits
of the escape game for awareness and prevention

  • icone Motivate your employees

    Motivate your employees

    The game is a motivational lever. It is a playful medium that allows you to achieve utilitarian objectives related to prevention and safety at work.

  • icone Anticipate and reduce the causes of accidents

    Anticipate and reduce the causes of accidents

    Learning by doing allows your employees to create a hypothetical solution to a potential accident. They can then test their solution in the game. The goal is to give them the opportunity to make mistakes so that they realize the consequences of their mistakes. This allows them to adapt their strategy to the situation at hand.

  • icone Encourage the learning of your employees

    Encourage the learning of your employees

    Immersive learning is a convincing method that keeps on showing its efficiency. Your employees learn in a playful way and assimilate technical knowledge better by reproducing the gestures themselves.

  • icone Develop a common safety culture

    Develop a common safety culture

    The prevention and awareness escape game allows your employees to become collectively aware of the impact of their behavior and their ability to promote a safe work environment.

Hello Escape

  • All our escape games are tailor-made
  • We offer physical and online escape games
  • Our games can be made in several languages (French, English, Spanish, German, Italian…)
  • One or more especially trained game masters come to animate your events
  • For each Hello Escape game, we can create a personalised teaser for your company

The stages of design


Definition of objectives

We define with your company its educational and multidisciplinary objectives. We accompany you in the construction of specifications to develop a relevant and effective game.



We create a scenario tailored to the values of your company and the repository of skills to be observed, jointly set up. A first draft is then submitted to your appreciation.



Once the project is validated, we develop custom-made puzzles, from the introduction to the final. In our Parisian workshops, we design all the necessary elements for the creation of the game, without any subcontracting.


Beta test

A battery of tests is organized to ensure a smooth game (validate the ergonomics, the scenario, the puzzles, and correct the bugs).



Your tailor-made or turnkey escape game is delivered to you. All you have to do is play!

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